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    Created by Seattle-based comedian and producer Jason Ryan, Real Adult Feelings is a completely independent, full-length indie series, meaning, each episode is typically 20+ minutes in length. It is currently in its’ third season.

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    After his Mom passes away, Ethan (Mikiech Nichols) discovers he’s inherited her house. However, the house is in debt and in danger of being foreclosed - if he doesn’t come up with some fast cash.

    He quickly enlists the help of his old friend Rob (Devin Badoo), an aspiring actor returning from Hollywood with his tail between his legs after finding little success there.

    After the reunited friends post a rambling, drunken Craigslist ad,
    they’re stuck with the only applicants weird enough to answer it:
    an eccentric performance artist named Alice (Sierra McKenzie)
    who shows up at 5am, suitcases in hand, ready to move in
    and a mysterious stranger in a suit named Greg (Eric Sanders)
    who promptly weirds them all out with his epic vagueness & wads of cash.

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  2. Winter Season 3 Is Coming

  3. NEW EPISODE TIME! This one features Danielle Radford and Dwayne Cullen.

  4. New episode alert! Finally! This one features the lovely and super funny Evangeline Spracklin and is about Rob freaking out about maybe having an STD. What’s not to love?

  5. Bonus clip alert! Our resident goofball Devin Badoo (aka Rob) improvising on the set of our latest episode, “The Beach: Part 2”.

  6. Shout out to Sidereel for making us their featured webseries right now. You can watch all our episodes at Sidereel and you should.

  7. At long last the conclusion to the two-part season 2 premiere is up.


  8. Some Updates.

    Hey, neglected Tumblr followers. Some info!

    1. ICYMI: Both the first half of the season 2 premiere and Halloween special are up at http://realadultfeelings.com/ right now for your viewing pleasure. Check them out.

    2. Part 2 of the season premiere will be up early next week. We are on a bit of a production hiatus before we launch into episode 2 so instead of dumping a bunch of content on you all at once we thought we’d space them out a bit. Thanks for your patience.

    3. If you are a Kickstarter donor and wondering where your swag is…don’t worry. It’s on the way. We have been sending them out in chunks over the last couple weeks. On the last batch of donors now and those should be in the mail by mid-week. Again, thanks for your patience. #TEAMPATIENCE!

  9. Real Adult Feelings Halloween Special is live!

  10. Halloween Promo In the House